Fun Things to do with Siri

I used to collect iPhone tips. I would like to share some helpful and interesting things to iPhone users, so today I decided to break my tradition by sharing a list of funny things you can ask Siri.

What is Fun about Siri?

Since its inception, the team behind Siri have ensured that a useful vocal assistant confers a small character. They understand that the voice is important to convince people to believe in the voice of the machine. When you set-up Siri to my Home Pod is a female Australian, but Siri is a UK woman, for example.

By remembering that Siri is acceptable and relatively efficient, and the users get trust in this system over the time. Apple ensures regular repeating commitments.

Why Siri is funny?

Q: What is Siri?

A: You can find many answers: “Siri, that’s me” “I’m Siri”, “yours truly”

Q: What is the meaning of Siri?

A: ” A riddle wrapped in an enigma, tied with pretty ribbon of obfuscation.”

Fun Things to ask Siri

There is no fixed list of questions you can ask Siri to get a fun answer here. Do not ask them once – Siri have many answers to the same question and some questions open up a new conversation. The only way to learn more is to try.

Jokes with Siri

Jokes and Siri – are a kind of best combination, it will tell you rubbish jokes when you ask Siri to “Tell me a joke” or “make me laugh”. Knock-Knock is a “punch palette” to start the Knock-Knock session. Or just ask it why the chicken crosses the road. Maybe you should leave. If you don’t, then ask: “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck of woodchuck?” You can ask, “How many apple shops do they have time to screw the genie into a light bulb?” You are not warned. It’s not after the talk party. Do not ask whether Siri knows any good riddles.

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